Glut Medius

Posted by Brendan Hill on Friday, August 29, 2014
The Gluteus Medius acts as a hip abductor, meaning that it raises the leg up to the side of the body. In everyday life, this muscle primarily functions to keep the pelvis level during walking. Specifically, as one raises a leg to step forward with it, the Gluteus Medius on the opposite side contracts to keep the weight of the free leg from tilting the pelvis downward on that side. 

If you have ever had this muscle worked on chances are it was quite painful and pain may have travelled down the leg. The best exercise to strengthen it is lying on your side and lifting your leg away from the floor, but there are also many other exercises that work the muscle. Here is an article on the various exercises and how effective they are. Very interesting read. This is a very important muscle when it comes to running.

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